Monday, July 10, 2006

crazy births and fun times

Last week was pretty mellow. Wait, maybe that's not true. So much happens here that I can't really remember what happened an hour ago let alone last week. No births on thursday, and then that evening we went to Kampala, out for great indian food and then I went out to a few different local bars with some Ugandan friends. One was an outdoor joint with a gigantic screen showing old Fresh Prince of Belair reruns. Then on to a place called the Victoria Tavern....somewhat karaoke/mime/drag queen/performance art. Very interesting, as well as interesting discussion with my friends about is a very 'new' thing here in Uganda. Anyways, after the third bar they dropped me off at the guesthouse, and as I was past the curfew (what a bad kid!) I had to get some help from the guard to wake up the owner....sorry! Must go, cafe closing...will finish later.


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