Friday, July 28, 2006

time for holidays!

Well well well, today was our last day of work....feels very good. Said goodbye and gave some final donations to Ward 14. The midwives expressed how much they enjoyed having us there. Said we were so nice and 'social' compared to some others, and they felt we were non judgemental, nice to them as well as to the women, and that we lacked the 'better than them' attitude. So I am very pleased that both sides could learn from each other and enjoyed the time we spent together. We attended a total of about 60 births here in Uganda, about half of them catches.
But anyways, I have been having all sorts of other fun lately, and have lost interest in posting to the blog! Let's see...well we have been shown a good time by our new Ugandan friends. We were invited for supper at the assistant dean of the faculty of med here, whose daughter we have also gotten to know. THat was lovely, they are the sweetest couple, and we had a great time visiting them. Doreen, their daughter took us to Owino, an absolutely crazy second hand clothing market (all from the UK)....imperative to have a local guide! We have also been checking out the many bars and clubs. Every monday night outside the national theatre, there is a big jam session, with many of the top musicians from uganda performing. Best of all., it's free, and all the locals just love it so much, and so do I. One exciting thing we did recently was go white water rafting on the Nile! We were kind of neither here nor there about the idea, plus it costs $100US, but we met a nursing student from Ontario and she convinced us to go. It was so much fun!!! What a day. It was definately the most hard core river I have rafted, lots of class 4 and 5s...the fun (and terrifying) part is there are lots of places without rocks so if you want (or sometimes without planning), the raft flips and you all go flying out into the crazy rapids, sucked under and upside down and then finally spit out onto the surface where you swim desperately towards the raft or one of the safety kayaks. Very exhilarating! It is scenically beautiful the whole length as well. We spent the whole day paddling and swimming. At one point we were pelted by a tropical downpour, and to keep warm and happy we belted out just about every song we knew the words to. It was a good bunch of people we were with, although it felt weird to be amongst whites again!
Hmmm....I have spent a couple of sunday afternoon/evenings at the 'beach' on Lake Victoria, which is what many Kampalians like to do. Have to find some bilharzia prophylaxis, as the water was too tempting and we all went in. Some of our friends had never swam before! Almost all Ugandans we have met say they fear water and they don't know how to swim.
A sister of our friend agreed to take us to church last Sunday. I wanted to go the hear some singing. It was a very large born again church, which I get is somewhat different from what we perceive as born again. Chloe and I were almost saved! It was a good pastor, the message was about idleness, 'get off your sleeping mats and work!" The first part was all about 'praise and worship' which means a full rock band and choir, belting out praise songs. ANd the crowd joins in and waves their arms. THen they had people go up and speak about how god had helped them through various hard times. You could see how people are so passionate about religion here.
We chedked out the veg market, bought some vanilla pods, as well as a whole bunch of vegetables, which we made into a huge salad in a wash basin, as we had nothing else! It was delicious to us, although some said it looked like dog food. Oh well. They are quite attached to their staple diet here.
Tonight we go to a big live show at one of the bars, and then tomorrow we are off to Kenya! Our friend is driving us there, which will be very convenient, we were dreading the 24 hr bus ride. WE have gotten so soft in our old age. Ha! SO, until the next time....
love and blessings, ais


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